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por Márcio Gallo publicado 22/11/2016 12h46, última modificação 22/11/2016 12h46

The Superintendence of the Manaus Free Trade Zone (SUFRAMA), which was created by Decree Law No. 288, of February 28th, 1967, is a Federal Agency linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC). It is responsible for managing the tax incentives related to the Manaus Free Trade Zone model.

SUFRAMA operates as an agency for promoting regional development in the area it is responsible for. This area covers the states of the Western Amazon Region (Acre, Amazonas, Rondônia and Roraima) plus the municipalities of Macapá and Santana, in Amapá, where it invests in projects that support economic infrastructure, production, tourism, research and development, as well as training intellectual capital. All this is made feasible through agreements signed with state and municipal governments, teaching institutions and trade associations. The resources invested come from the Administrative Service Charges (TSA) levied on companies that are reaping the benefits of the Manaus Industrial Sector.

SUFRAMA carries out actions to attract investment and promote trade in regional products, by participating in domestic and international events. This is done with the aim of expanding the competitive international insertion of the Manaus Free Trade Zone model and strengthening its industrial park. It also sends trade missions to countries that are potential investors. The main action that SUFRAMA has introduced to promote international insertion is the Amazon International Fair (FIAM).

The objective of SUFRAMA's work is to reconcile socio-economic growth, environmental preservation and improvements to the quality of life of the Amazon Region's population.

For further information, visit the website: www.suframa.gov.br